From: "Mike Ellis" <[log in to unmask]>

> >France = tocaty = "proper noun middle artistic country"
> >Italy = nacaty = "proper noun religious artistic country"
> So Italy is just a religious France?

Reminds me of the term the French had for the Italians during the Western
Schism, "ultramontanists", also a synonym for one who's more obedient to the
Pope than your typical everyday Catholic.

> >Argentina = panuty = "proper noun cold random country"
> Most of it isn't that cold. Although how much of it is random, I don't

A "random country" would better describe Indonesia, which is made up of a
whole bunch of islands. Canada is more of a "cold country" to me, but true,
Ushuaia, Argentina in July is a lot like Juneau, Alaska in January.

> >Egypt = byfity = "proper noun dry old country"
> >Iraq = fibyty = "proper noun old dry country"
> "Whoops, we sent the UN inspectors to the dry old country instead of the
> old dry country."

The description "dry old country" could just as easily fit Mongolia as it
would Egypt. For Egypt, I'd say "hot dry", while Mongolia is "cold dry".

> >Christianity = ybonate = "noun wet religious organization"
> Doesn't sound too flattering. Neither does the name of their "wet
> publication".

Reminds me of the joke: A Methodist is a Baptist who's afraid of water (you
could also say Eastern Orthodox vs. Roman Catholic).

Seattle = "proper noun wet coffee city", by the way.

> >Islam = yminate = "noun political religious organization"
> You could really get in trouble with this one!

Yeah, I was raised a Christian fundamentalist, and there's a lot of politics
involved in that. I'd call Islam something like "noun one-god non-three
religious organization", but that could fit Judaism and Unitarianism as
well. ~Danny~ aka "proper noun male human...."