Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> Or you should move in Brabant or Friesland, where -ke is more
> common as a diminutive ;))) .

Heh, vakske surely inspires me to add some new -ksk- words. ;)

> I don't know, but your system sounds a bit similar to Earth
> Language ( The
> site is not pretty, but the contents are interesting). At
> least, the concepts seem pretty near.

*Interesting*... I can certainly use this. :)))

> LOL. I have the same problem (but usually stop *before* the
> article, because I
> nearly never know whether it should be het or de ;))) ).

Yes, it's quite questionable why someone would actually use an article
*without* even knowing which word or gender he's going to use. ;)

> Christophe.