True.  But... now, I'm stretching here, because I'm pretty sure I've
forgotten which novel that was in... but wasn't that a word from a
culturally and linguistically isolated group?  The, er... grey wolfy scary
Klingon-like guard people?  C3PO's strength was that he knew so many
languages that the chances were good, even if he didn't know yours, he knew
a dialect similar to it (say "hi" to the cute little Ewoks!)

Yes, Nog was the teenaged Ferengi (which just goes to show you that they
don't REALLY mean it when they say that each humanoid species has
significant differences in how fast they mature, relative to humans...
they're marginally consistent with Kes and Naomi Wildman, and they
COMPLETELY flunk out with Nog and Alexander)  He joined Starfleet in I think
DS9's 5th season, when Jake was around 17 (assuming he was 12 in the first

LOL.  Dr. Jackson never says "huh," at least not for long.  I absolutely
love how he just walks up to unfamiliar writing systems and starts reading
them OUT LOUD.  And how he speaks Ancient Egyptian fluently (not to mention
about 85 other major languages -- and I don't care that his specialty is
supposed to be ancient languages, because that STILL doesn't mean he knows
what they SOUND LIKE)  Oh well, it helped him get laid, and that's what
really counts in science fiction.

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"There are some things that it is better to begin than to refuse, even
though the end may be dark."
-- J.R.R. Tolkien

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> But even C-3PO spent weeks trying to come up with a translation for
> Mal'ary'ush--a word unfortunately victim to MAS (Manic Apostrophe
> Syndrome). He had thousands of possible translations, of course.

> He's the adolescent Ferengi from DS9, right?

> "Hyou musht lif in tree dace!" the Goa'uld shouted.
> And Dr. Jackson replied: "Huh?"

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