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> But even C-3PO spent weeks trying to come up with a translation for
> Mal'ary'ush--a word unfortunately victim to MAS (Manic Apostrophe
> Syndrome). He had thousands of possible translations, of course.

What's the deal with those apostrophes? They don't mean nothin'. They're
like how Amerindian names are some-times writ-ten u-sing hy-phen-at-ed
syl-la-bles -- I've heard that called the "Lewis and Clark" system of

To me, an apostrophe means you're dealing with an
ejective/glottalized/"emphatic" consonant, a palatized consonant, a glottal
stop between vowels, or a schwa between consonants. Actually I prefer using
a double apostrophe (that is, a double quote mark) for the schwa to avoid
confusion with a glottal/palatal marker.

My ASCII-friendly translit scheme for Tech requires a few apostrophe/quote
marks, like `for ejective, ' for palatal, " for schwa....