Jan van Steenbergen wrote:

> > And now for the address:

> Cool site! Yes, I think it can be very useful, because
> everything is categorized nicely and easily accessible for
> anyone interested.

Thanks! That's the intention.

> I don't know. Of course, there are inventories of links to individual
> conlangs(you have one too, haven't you?), but that's a different story.

Yes I do. And I've added two links to the imho best collections
of links to conlangs.

> No, don't remove anything. Just add, add, add...

Well, I don't want to add too much. I just want it to contain
the most basic, most important and best links.

> I like such sites. Of course, Langmaker

Yes, but Langmaker really belongs in the "General" category
since it contains a little bit of everything.

> and Richard Kennaway's list have been
> mentioned. I like Dean Easton's inventory too:

Yup. I thought of both this morning, and when I to my joy
discovered that both of them are regularly updated, I added
them both. [Thanks also to Yitzik for pointing out Richard
Kennaway's site as well.]

> Undoubtedly, a lot of things will turn up by themselves. There are several
> sites dealing with IPA, ASCII/IPA,

Yes. I think I've added the most widely used and recommended
sites, but if you have others which are better, please do tell!

> Unicode, Fontmaking programs, online
> dictionaries, grammars & courses of interestings natlangs...

Unicode and Fontmaking programs might be of interest. Those
could be added under "Writing systems". Links to grammars and
courses to natlangs could be found through "",
but there is perhaps need for another site like that.

> And I would certainly include links to all possible email lists,
> Yahoo! groups, etc. that are dealing with conlangs. If you like,
> I can collect the addresses for you.

A new category "Mailing lists" would be great! Good idea! If
you could collect the links, I'd be ever so grateful. Wasn't
there a posting about the different mailing lists recently?
And of course, Yitzik's weekly mail contains addresses to
all the "workshops".

> Keep up the good work!

Thanks, I will!

(And I've started making a grammar for my new conlang, which
has a name now: Piata.)

Daniel Andreasson

"You can't post that on the Internet, you don't even know if
it's true!" - Lisa Simpson to Homer.