> Just out of curiosity, when are capitals used in modern Greek? I remember
> leafing through a Greek newspaper just for fun and finding much fewer
capitals than
> I expected, but I'm totally in the dark as what the rules are for their

I think it's a similar convention to that of French or Spanish: proper nouns
are capitalized (example: "America"), but not adjectives (thus "american",
not "American"). Days of the week and months of the year are also

Greek also uses a semicolon-like symbol for the question mark, and a raised
dot for a semicolon.

> ObConlang: I've been tossing around ideas for a script for Ajuk, and am
looking for
> alternative ideas for systems of capitalization from those used in the
> alphabet, and alphabets with no capitals.

Greek (including Coptic), Cyrillic (and Glagolitic), Armenian, and Georgian
(in the older Khutsuri script, not the modern Mxedruli) have lower and upper