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> (Yes, this is BTW my first post to the list. Hi folks. :))

Welcome! (sorry for the belated welcome, especially from the one who is
supposed to do it first, but it took me some time to read your whole mail, and
after that my Internet connection at home decided to play dead :(( )

> * I try hard to distance myself from my biological name; I'd never
> permit others to assign a name to me. ;))))

Did you give a meaning to the name you assigned yourself?

> Dašeima was originally NOM-ACC, then it remained but both were
> unmarked.
> Now it depends on which arguments a particular verb allows.

I'd like to see more about that.

> Not really, although I can imagine Dašeima written in a more
> complicated
> variant of its native script (ideologic) may be treated as an loglang.

"Ideologic"? Don't you mean "ideographic"?

> Yes, a somewhat complicated ideologic writing system. (Even though
> there
> are no phonemic cognate pairs.) Unfortunately I haven't worked on it
> much and I only have worked out 2 ideograms. :(((

What's the principle of it? I would like to understand what you mean
by "ideologic".

> Yes, I do write in Dašeima, but I'm about to make some new grammatical
> implementations, so I'll have to wait before writing anything too
> extensive.

Please share with us a little anyway! <says the linguavore in action ;)))>

> I probably won't. I reckon my language isn't suitable for that
> purpose.

??? If they manage to sing in German and in !Xu~, then *any* language can be
suitable for singing ;))))) .

> Never, although I can safely write my private journals. Anyone capable
> of reading it, is probably worthy enough to read it. ^_^

LOL, nice test ;))) .

> Never! Won't even think about it. IRL, there's only one person I've
> talked to about it. Perhaps others would generate a somewhat
> non-negative response, but I simply aren't interested in talking to
> them. ;)

What's "IRL"?

> It's not.

I completely disagree. I have never been secretive about my hobby, and I've
seen a definite change in the way people take it when I say I invent languages.
I've never had any negative reply, but replies I got 5 years ago were polite
disinterest or questions about Esperanto ;)) , while nowadays I get more polite
*interest* and questions about Tolkien ;)) . It changes, and very fast.

> I haven't, but my response would be that I infact _am_ (and
> high-school
> is the only thing that's holding me back). ;)

LOL :)) .

> 16 years. (turning 17 soon, although that won't change a thing)

Ah, the years of innocence (said by a nearly-27 old man ;)) ).

> I'm a Dutch citizen. English is my native language, although I get to
> speak more Dutch IRL.

Yeah! Another Dutch one! I'm myself French, but living in the Netherlands for
now nearly two years, and intending to stay quite a while longer ;))) . Where
do you live exactly? It's time to have a second Dutch Conlang dinner, so I
think you should come! (answer privately if you don't want to disclose your
adress to the whole list ;)) ) I myself live in The Hague.

By the way, who wants to organise our next get-together? Jan, Rob? I suppose I
could organise one myself but it won't be any time soon I'm afraid :(( .

> I speak English and Dutch. I'm mixed bi-lingual, I often can't
> translate
> between the two and often know a word in Dutch, but not in English,
> and
> vice versa.

I have the same problem. I'm a native speaker of French using English as main
language nowadays and speaking Dutch on very many occasions. I tend to have
difficulties translating from one language to another, especially between
English and French since I think directly in both, but with
separate "channels" :)) .

> Yes. I surely don't like it when people refer to me in their talk and
> I
> don't get to monitor it. ;)

Must be damn difficult unless you're omnipresent ;))))) .

Anyway, welcome again!


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