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> And now for the address:
> I think it should be an address easy to remember (plus, it's
> free! :)

Indeed ;)) .

> Do you guys think this is a good idea?

I personally do! It should be an address to put in the welcoming message to the

 Is there already a site
> out there like this that I've somehow missed?

You've put already all the links I had thought of ;))) .

> Are the links good? Should I add or remove some?

I checked them. They're all OK.

 Should there
> be more or less categories? In that case, which? (Comments on
> the layout and design are appreciated too. I went for simplicity
> and "overviewness" (yes, it's a word! ;) ).

Well, I think it cannot be simpler ;))) . It does look good to me ;) .

> Links to possibly add:
> 1. A link to a site with links to lots of conlangs, which is    *updated
> regularly*.

Langmaker is already there.

> 2. A link to the conlang faq -- taliesin?! (I mean the site with
>    the conlang netiquette and stuff like what "CONLANG" and    "AUXLANG"
> and "AFMCL" mean.

Don't remember its address :((( .

> 3. What is the actual address to the "IPA chart with X-SAMPA
>    equivalents in blue"? I've uploaded it to my own site for the
>    moment, but that feels like a copyright no-no. (Copywrong?)

I have, but it
doesn't include the little part in red.

> 4. Recommended books (the kind you make from trees, you know).
>    (E.g.: Describing Morphosyntax, etc.)

Ask somebody else. I don't read that much linguistic dead tree ;))) .

> Please let me know what you think.

Very good idea! It's gonna find a place in my favorites as soon as I get
home ;)) .


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