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> It _used_ to actually mean something, until I shortened it and applied
> the diminutive which makes it appear rather childish to Dutch speakers
> (I guess they should learn the correct pronunciation then!). ;)

Or you should move in Brabant or Friesland, where -ke is more common as a
diminutive ;))) .

> Depending on how I can handle the current stream of homework (surely
> requires some intensive dodging ;)), I'll surely have some stuff to
> showcase soon.

Good, please do!

> By ideologic, I mean that characters have a meaning based on the
> various
> components they contain. So that in theory other components may be
> added
> or removed to change the meaning. Though, it's mainly a feature I
> think
> I'll use in conjunction with verb derivation. For example the
> ideologic
> character for "tree" contains several components that hardly make any
> sense for a noun, but when turned into a verb they suddenly do. Since
> the actual elements for the noun are not that interesting, a
> simplified
> version of that graph is used. Thus it is actually ideographic too. I
> haven't really put much thought into this though. Perhaps there's a
> more
> suitable term for this?

I don't know, but your system sounds a bit similar to Earth Language
( The site is not pretty, but
the contents are interesting). At least, the concepts seem pretty near.

> Well..... I might show some older non-Dağeima conlang stuff, as an
> alternative. ;)

Go ahead! :)

> That surely encourages me. ^_^ Until now, I've only imagined the
> language's model speaker in an über-serious monotone voice. ;)

LOL. Hey, they must have nutcases too, who would sing the language, wouldn't
they? :)))

> So far I've only been open about my hobby to a fellow conculturer. I
> can
> only think of 2 other people who might react positively: my German
> teacher (LotR fan) and my non-biological dad, since he read an article
> about Tolkien in a Dutch linguistic magazone. The remaining lot are
> school kids, which are mostly impolite by default. ;)

Hehe, not the best audience I know :) . But they would cringe at the mention of
*any* art anyway ;)) .

> Unfortunately, that would not be me. ;)

So young, and already corrupted... ;)))))

> > Where do you live exactly?
> Haren (in Groningen).

Wow! Far North ;))) . Never been there *yet*. We're constantly planning to
visit Groningen but never find the time :( . If we decide to do it, can we
count you as guide? ;))

> Often in speech when I'm about to say a Dutch word, I repeat the
> article
> a few times... then conclude I don't even know the word and switch to
> English instead.

LOL. I have the same problem (but usually stop *before* the article, because I
nearly never know whether it should be het or de ;))) ).

> Indeed, I bet there's an upcoming market for nanotech self-replicating
> logging cameras!

I will start a market for nanotech self-replicating logging camera hunters
then ;))) .

> vaksje. (not just a diminutive ;))

Didn't think so as soon as I saw the pronunciation. But I sure thought you were
Dutch as soon as I saw the name ;))) .


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