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> I'm not sure if introductions are traditional here, but I'll take my
> chances.

You did well.

Welcome to the list! I often am the first one to welcome newbies, but this time
I couldn't. I was busy having a life ;)) .

> I've been interested in languages for as long as I can remember, and
> tried
> to create one when I was 11, before I had even heard of conlang or
> even
> Lord of the Rings (which, to this day, I have never been able to read,
> but
> I speak some Quenya and Sindarin anyway. *shrugs*).

Better than me. I'm reading the book right now, but "Namárië" is the sole word
I can remember...

 The "language" I
> made
> wasn't really a language at all, just a collection of Spanish, Kemetic
> and
> Hawaiian words used as a code for English.

What is Kemetic?

> In the few years since then I've gotten even deeper into languages,
> and
> recently (read: about six months ago) discovered that not only do a LOT
> of
> other people make languages, but there're names for the different types
> and
> communities of people who do this.

Hehe, it came to me as a shock as well the first time I discovered that ;)) .
Then came the euphory (now that I think of it, this stage is still not
passed ;)))) ).

> Naturally, I was (and am) ecstatic to find other people with the same
> interests -- I've been boring my friends and family, trying to teach
> them
> Meistei and Pr'ii.

A non-secretive conlanger?! Yeah!!! I feel less alone suddenly! ;)))

> My particular areas of interest are creating the words themselves,
> followed
> by scripts, followed by grammar and pronunciation (tie).

Exactly the opposite order as me. Making words is such a tedious job (and
impossible to do for me if I haven't any idea how they should be pronounced and
what are the constraints on their shapes).

> My languages are Meisteik, Kaveril, Pr'ii, Ysvanidh, Orantith,
> Intorith,
> Kazle, and a few other larval langs.

We want to see more!

> Now that I've gotten the "recap-my-history" thing done, I have a few
> questions: Does anyone know any sites that have Japanese, Chinese (any
> form), or Korean wordlists/dictionaries that have been transliterated
> into
> English?
> And, does anyone know a good, free online guide to learning any
> Devangari-
> based scripts? (Bengali is best, but it doesn't matter much)

I had a PS-file about that somewhere. I could always look if I still have it
(although I doubt it. It was in my work computer and this one suffered two
deaths :(( , and I don't remember saving it in my home computer).

> AND, where can I find the IPA phonetic alphabet, as applicable to

Well, people already pointed you at the Invaluable Conlang Links. You'll find
the start point of everything you want to know there. And there's always Google.

> Thanks for any help (and I hope I'm not too hard to understand -- I'm
> suffering from a Dr. Pepper overdose),

You're welcome, and ew! ;)))

Anyway, welcome again!


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