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> what the kontoko words _bekil_ 'Maggel' and _kobnekitto_ 'Maggelity'?

I'm extremely sorry!!!! I had forgotten about those two :((( . But then, you
must admit that they don't look much like the original forms, so it may explain
why I overlooked them :(( . Sorry again...

> i've used _kobnekitto_ in two messages to this list.  i recently made
> kinsi rorotan equivalents of these words:
> mokel = Maggel
> mokelid = Maggelity

Those are closer indeed :)) . In any case, I'm extremely flattered that the
name of a language of mine finds its way in other people's languages :) . I'll
try to return the favour as well as I can :) .

> now i have a new etymology for _kobnekitto_:
> kobnekitto = kon- [< Old Kontoko _gom_ 'state of being X'] + bekil [<
> Maggel] + itto [< Old Kontoko _iddo_ 'beside']



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