--- Jonathan Johnson skrzypszy:

> I'm not exactly sure of the difference between [x] and [X] (I know one is
> velar and one is uvular). I think [X] is what I do to clear my throat. Does
> that sound right?

That probably explains why we Dutch have such clean throats :)))
(For those who don't know: Germanic [g] evolved into [X] in (Northern) Dutch

> And, if I'm understanding correctly, to me an [x] sounds
> more like [h] than [X] does and [x] sounds more like [X] than [h] does.

Depends who is the listener. [h] is a very common sound in Dutch, so we have no
problem with that. But I have noticed that speakers of Slavic languages often
have trouble distinguishing between them; in most cases, both [X] and [h] come
out as [x].


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