--- Daniel skrzypszy:

> Oh dear. Those are A LOT of addresses. Suddenly I feel that
> the idea of the site's containg only the most basic links
> is vanishing.

Oh, treat them as suggestions, nothing more.

> >
> >
> These might perhaps be included. Are they invaluable?

Just have a look at these sites and judge for yourself. Personally, I am not at
all into Unicode, but others consider it very important.

> > Several fontmaking programs:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> Hmmm. Are these links really invaluable to a conlanger?

I just snitched them away from Conlang messages in the past. I think the first
link (Fontlab) could be of immense value for those who want to create a font
for their script.

<snip mailing lists>

> Gee. That's a bit too much. Any visitor to my site will be
> swamped with links and that's not the idea. It is rather the
> opposite.

I agree.

> New idea: What about making a new subfolder, with more specific
> links than the fewer "invaluable" ones on the main page? Then
> I could add just one link on the main page which states "more
> links to conlang related mailing lists" and "links to fontmaking
> programs". Would that be a good idea?

Sounds good, indeed. But once again: the fact that I gave you the links does
not at all mean that I want them included. Just have a look at them and see if
you think a group is worth mentioning. The concultural links are not strictly
conlang-related and thus can easily be neglected. Same with a few others.

BTW There are MUCH more groups than the ones I mentioned. Most of them either
dormant, dead, or dealing with a specific language or language group. And
(almost) all of them with a membership of less than 10.


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