Good for you, Daniel!  I built the same a year ago and love it.  I hope
Patrick sells more to help his business.  I too also got the Pelican 1150
case, but got it bright orange for visibility.

It took me 6 hours to build it without a dremel like tool, from kit opening
to cleaning up the mess.  I'd advise using one to build this!  I spent most
time measuring and remeasuring, planning the case cuts for mounting in a
Pelican case, because the first cut was a final cut.  I ended up abandoning
using a fine saw and nibbling the holes and filing it smooth, to insure it
looked professional.  By the time I tried all variations in mounting to
make it look 'better', it ended up looking like Patrick's kit!  I wish
there was a template for making these cuts, though, it would save a lot of

As you found out, there are 2 types of panel meters, those with lead style
resistors and newer surface mounts [SMD].  The kit builder needs to aware
that soldering SMDs takes a steady hand and a pencil thin soldering iron,
and there is little room for error.  If you are not _expert_ in soldering,
you best get the leads pre-soldered.  I'm a Heathkit fan, and a dying
breed.  Ah, most of the Heathkits did have cases pre-cut and left the
soldering to the kit builder!

The older model Expedition can be bought sometimes new under $200, and is
very well made.  Given the time it took to assemble, I would buy these
Expeditions or even Patrick's newer one.  However, the assembly of the kit
provides knowledge about the device itself, which is priceless. A good
companion manual to use when building the kit is the 02 Hacker's Handbook
by Airspeed Press.  What I learned with confidence is that I can just read
the mV output of the sensor with a DMM, and multiple it by a constant and
get equivalent 02%.  NB: You can get a DMM with 0.1% of reading meter for
$20 from any electronics store, and do the same thing, worse case, so long
as you can get hold of the 02 sensor.  Thus, its possible to travel with
the el Cheapo kit by just taking the o2 sensor,cables and flow restrictor,
and bring or buy an ultra-thin small DMM.  Patrick and several other
vendors makes such an tiny 02 analyzer, but its disposable.

Enjoy!  Its a great buy everyone.  Highly recommended and Patrick uses
excellent quality parts in the kit, most notably is the linear instead of
logarithmic potentiometer, that is not easy to find.

At 00:33 01/22/2003 -0500, Daniel L. Crawford wrote:
>I decided to save some money by building an oxygen analyzer from a kit
>instead of buying one already assembled.  The savings can be substantial
>and putting one together isn't all that difficult if you can do a bit of
>soldering and make a few precise cuts in a plastic project box.
>I decided on the El Cheapo II oxygen analyzer kit from
> I built it this evening and I'm very happy with
>it.  I posted a review of the analyzer at
> if you're interested.

Warm regards,