My pronunciation of vowels (as a nasally northern Ohio resident) is such:

>/i/  greet
>/I/  bid
>/}/  root
>/u/  lute

Root and lute rhyme.

>/U/  book

Book is pronounced with kind of a combination @U or @8.

>/ei/  crate, often reducing to /e/  gr'ea'test
>/8/  road
>/ou/  phone

Road and phone have the same sound -- more /ou/.

>/@/  run
>/E/  bed
>/O/  saw
>/{/  bad
>/{u/  cloud
>/{U_G/  cow

Cloud and cow have the same sound.

>/a/  f'a'ther
>/A/  pond

>/r\/  bitt'er'
>/L\/  litt'le'

Not too sure where that /L\/ came from -- it's a definite /l/ here.

>/n/  mitt'en'

My personal pronunciation of the three above words has a @U sound before
the final consonant (ie: mIt@Un rather than mIt@n), however, a friend says
a kind of aU...

--Erin Notagain--

"I'm sorry, I just don't speak mumblish."