Tristan scripsit:

> I'm talking about in more conservative dialects than yours, then

Conservative?  Hnmp.

>  Remember: Australian English
> is one of the most aesthetic languages there are,

Are it in the habit of using plural verbs with singular subjects, too?

"Our twisted vowels, our distortions and slackness of speech" is how Dame
Nellie Melba put it.

> (And re your other post? While /Oz/ and /wOz/ and /b@kOz/ rhyme in /Oz/,
> /daz/ certainly /daz/n't.)

"Oz", "was", and "because" don't rhyme in Kansas either, Toto.

John Cowan  [log in to unmask]
Dievas dave dantis; Dievas duos duonos          --Lithuanian proverb
Deus dedit dentes; deus dabit panem             --Latin version thereof
Deity donated dentition;
  deity'll donate doughnuts                     --English version by Muke Tever
God gave gums; God'll give granary              --Version by Mat McVeagh