From: +ACI-E. Notagain+ACI- +ADw-ecg321+AEA-AOL.COM+AD4-
Subject: Re: English diglossia (was Re: retroflex consonants)

+AD4- Tiovaqnaki Tels Joe:
+AD4- +AFs-super snip+AF0-
+AD4- +AD4-In writing (at least,semi-formal writing), I can understand anyone who
+AD4- knows English, even if
+AD4- +AD4-they're from an area where I have a hard time understanding the spoken
+AD4- +AD4-English, such as the Bahamas, Australia, Yorkshire, Kentucky, or those on
+AD4- +AD4-the list whose spoken English might sound unintelligible to my ears.
+AD4- I only have problems understanding non-native English speakers (luckily my
+AD4- dentist's pronunciation is good enough that I only have to ask him to
+AD4- repeat about 5-10+ACU- of what he says). Australian and other somewhat related
+AD4- accents (like all forms of British, Irish, Scottish, everything elsish)
+AD4- no problem to me (actually, I understand Aussie accents better than that
+AD4- psuedo-ghetto-speak so prevalent in teenagers and on court shows -- how,
+AD4- may I ask, do you +ACI-axe+ACI- someone to do something?).

Well, I'm not a teenager, and never grew up in a ghetto, nor even a
pseudo-ghetto, but I've noticed this in my own speech occasionally.  And my
father does it too sometimes.  It's never +ACI-ask+ACI- +AD0- /+ACY-ks/, but +ACI-asked+ACI- +AD0-
/+ACY-akst/ does happen.  The /t/ has to be conditioning this one.  I've also
noticed that I sometimes add a +ACI-t+ACI- to words ending in +ACI-f+ACI-, like /klIft/ for
+ACI-cliff+ACI-.  It sounds normal, I only noticed it when one of these Californios
pointed it out to me.

Anyone else here use +ACI-says+ACI- as the generic verb for reporting what someone
said?  In anything informal, I'll often have +ACI-says+ACI-, as in:

   Then he says, +ACI-I think I'll just throw your ocelot right off the roof+ACEAIg-.
   So I says to him, +ACI-Then the bunny's gonna get it+ACEAIg-.
   Then he says to me, +ACI-What on earth is Joe smoking this time?+ACI-.

But in my mind, I'm thinking past tense, so when I write it down, it comes
out as +ACI-said+ACI-.  I remember moving to California and realizing that no one
could understand which socket I wanted when working with somebody.

When I asked for a 3/8+ACI- socket, I'd say, +ACI-Give me the 3/8, will you?+ACI-.
/wEn ai j+ACY-st fr+AEA- tSrie sAkIt daid sei gImid+AEA- tSrijes wIj+AEA-/

Maybe that will give you folks a clearer example of how I speak.  I'm from
New York originally (NOT the city), for those who asked.

+AD4- Wow, do I have a lot of parentheses in that.

You do indeed.