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> Danny:

> > Don't know if it's practical, but it looks cool! Very... Tech-like
> Thanks! BP Jonsson a while ago proposed a somewhat similar scheme, at
> least wrt the abbreviations.

Didn't mean to be so blunt, sorry.... you know Tagalog has two standard
abbreviations: <ng> and <mga> for /nang/ and /manga/, postpositions which
mark genitive and plural respectively. And of course there's the famous
ampersand, but it's not used in formal writing; it's much more colloquial.

> It's not a practical scheme in the political sense of having to win
> people's acceptance: for that, RI is much better. But in every other
> respect I think it is as practical as can be.

I honestly don't see Americans giving up the status quo, considering our
tendency to resist reform of any kind.