Peter Bleackley wrote:
> >        "evolution"
> eboruushion

-tion is borrowed into Japanese as -shon

> >        "cybernetic", "cyberspace", "CyberPunk", "cyborg"
> saibaanechiky, saibaasupeisu, saibaapunku, saiborugu

[ti] exists nowadays (written with {te} followed by little {i}) in
gairaigo (words of non-Chinese foreign origin) terms.  And -tic would be
rendered as -tikku.  Final stops are always rendered as geminates.

> >        "sci-fi", "science fiction"
> sai-fuai, saiensu fuikushion

Again, {fa} and {fi} exist in more recent loans ({fu} plus little

> >        "Dadaism", "Futurism"
> dadaisumu, fuchurisumu

-ism is borrowed as -izumu

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