Danny Wier wrote:

> Oops, I meant t`, not t'. I'm still not getting my apostrophes straight. <'>
> means palatization and <`> means glottalization. I could've used <"> for the
> vowel if it was a schwa.

Really? The X-SAMPA chart I'm looking at says |'| is
indeed palatalization, but |`| surely is retroflexation.
In X-SAMPA |_>| is glottalization, or at least that's
the ejectives, but the difference between them escapes me.

Hmm. Now I see that |`| is glottalization in Kirshenbaum.
Perhaps you should say that in the beginning of your mail.
|`| really is preferable when describing Tech. (But you
had me going around thinking Tech had a retroflex at the
beginning for a minute and I thought, "now *that's* a change." :)

Daniel Andreasson