On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 10:44:48AM -0000, Stuart Brown wrote:
> But the TEI is extensible...

quite. thats the assumption I started from, that the
description belongs in the TEI, not SVG

> Would it not be possible to extend the TEI's network tagset to describe
> this?

you're a braver man that me, looking at that!

> Let us say I have declared x and y attributes on <node> (SVG-style y goes
> down not up), and a type attribute on arc. Linking is enabled. I could
> therefore encode a capital K as:

I am wondering if you should not use SVG namespace on the attributes.

> This would be easy to zap in SVG for actual presentation, but the full
> weight of other TEI structures could be brought to bear on it, such as
> marking erased strokes, serifs, etc.

yes, indeed. I think your approach is correct

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