If when you say "<opener> <closer> tags + others" you are referring to the
divtop class elements, by definition these can only occur at the top of
divs, so no solution is feasible which doesn't involve divs.
What's the problem with doing that?

I assume your problem is the classic "can't go up once you've gone down" one
i.e. you cannot do

     <div> ...

This is not the place to rehearse the reasoning behind this prohibition. But
have you considered encoding your embedded letters as embedded <text>s?  If
they are really distinct documents embedded in a flow of commentary that
would be a lot more truthful than pretending that they were subdivisions of
that commentary, which is what the div solution implies. And it would also
give you a far richer choice of elements for encoding metadata about each
letter, which could appear in a <front> for the embedded <text>.

You might also find it worthwhile to check out the way the DALF project has
extended the TEI scheme for epistolary materials.

Hope this helps


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> Subject: letters inside divs
> Quick question:
> Do any of you have ideas about embedding letters inside a larger <div>
> structure without making the letter its own div. I.e. we want to take
> advantage of the <opener>, <closer> tags + others but we can't do it on
> the same hierarchical level as a <p> or <seg>.  Any solutions that do not
> solve this by making the letter its own div?
> Thanks
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