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 > My way to break stereotypes at that time was to put them on their
 > head ;))) .

I always hated the "-a is feminine" stereotype, especially since
my (male!) pseudonym is "Cinga".   =)))

That's why Obrenje nicknames tend to end in -a for males and
-i for females.  I consider -i so much more feminine than -a.

 > That's all there can be since Maggel's word for "tree" is |driuoj|
['dryZ]. By
 > the way, coming back to the original subject of the thread, this word is
 > inspired in some way by some natlang word having a relationship with
woods. Who
 > will guess what I'm talking about? ;)))))

Google gives me a French site which describes the verb |druger|
as "pousser rapidement, avec exubérance".

-- Christian Thalmann