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>  That was you??? It was the very same person who gave us Maggel all
> along?

Well, at least I do have a language like that, and I did mention it this way on
the list ;)) . So I seem to fit the criteria here ;)))) .

> Interesting that I didn't attach a name to it in my memory. Well, even
> as an
> auxlanger, your creations are very different from Romaclone or Ygyde!

LOL! It was also my first serious attempt (read: non-Latin-clone) at a conlang,
and I was something like 15. And I never seriously thought it would really
become an auxlang. The only auxlangish trait was the small number of different
sounds of the language (and they were not chosen for frequency ;))) ). I mean,
how can a language with exceptions be an auxlang?! ;))))

> Although I guess I'm guilty of selling into that stereotype . . . when
> people
> online mistake me as being female, I tell them, "No! Look at my name
> again --
> it's Neurotico! Not NeuroticA, NeuroticO!"

LOL. In my fanfiction on my site, the female "bad guy" is called Nezayo, while
one of the male "bad guys" is called Nemina. The endings were on purpose ;)))
(the two other male "bad guys" are Netoy and Nespi :) ).

>  BTW, I've found myself pronouncing "Maggel" as /'mag@l/ to myself (the
> at-sign is the schwa, right?

Yep :) .

 When I first saw it here, I found myself
> mistaking it for the æ sound) when reading these notes, so as to sound
> like
> "Dr. Moggle's Alphabet Challenge" (whose author, in fact, I believe was
> named
> John Magel!) Does anyone here remember that book?

I actually never heard of it!!! I want to know more about it! I love
synchronicities like that!!!! :)

>  Are you referring to the Druids?

Nope, but Peter found it already. The influence was the French word "dryade",
which comes from Greek IIRC. And I wonder if it's not realted through PIE with
the word "druid". Whaddya think?


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