James Landau wrote:
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>"Panaman" just sounds weird.  Places ending in -Ca *never* just add -n,
>e.g., Florida -> Floridian (not *Floridan) or Canada -> Canadian, and
>"Panamian" sounds funny.

Well, a person from Moraga, where I come from, is always called a Moragan, so there must be SOME -Ca words out there. Maybe it has to do with the fact that "Moraga" has the accent on the penultimate syllable, while "Florida", "Canada", "Panama", etc. go back three syllables to get to the accent. After all, "Jamaica" has penultimate stress too, and it's "Jamaican", not "Jamaician".
Isn't it just possible we've borrowed/deformed the Spanish usage, panameņo?  IIRC a native of Guam is also a Guamanian (??), Span. Guameņo (though I don't know what the Spanish called Guam itself......)
There seems to be no hard and fast Engl. rule for forming adjectives from country/region names-- nor in Spanish.  German OTOH seems to use -isch fairly consistently; what would Germans call a Panamanian??