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> Deja vu. For years I've been wanting to create a
conlang, but was plagued
> by self-doubt and questions of "how much can I really
do anyway?" Until
> one day, while poking around the 'Net for linguistic
terms, I stumbled
> across CONLANG. Like you, I was quite stunned to
discover so many people
> have this "vice"! :-)

Yes, for me too that term "conlang" was the Open Sesame.
In fact, I was so stunned, I can't even remember now
(just two weeks later) exactly how I stumbled across it.

> Now the tables have turned, and I find myself known on
this list as the
> creator of an allegedly fiendishly difficult conlang
called Ebisedian,
> which is reputed to be the bane of all linguistic
sanity. (OK, OK, I'm
> exaggerating again... I think Christophe's Maggel is
way weirder than
> Ebisedian... in fact, we've coined the word
"maggellity" as a tribute to
> Maggel's ... uh, maggellity. :-P) Anyway, to end my
shameless self-plug,
> you can find out more about Ebisedian and judge for
yourself whether it
> deserves its label of obscurity, here:

Omigosh!!! Your language is astonishing!!! You see, this
is precisely what has been blowing me away. I look at
what you're doing here with Ebisedian... Yes, yes,
YES!!! And until two weeks ago, for me it was Tolkien,
two conlangers by snail-mail 25 years ago, and a handful
of distant rumors... Beyond that I'd never seen any
real-life details of anyone but myself doing this sort
of thing!!!

I'm saving your PDF file, and going over it at my
leisure. This is astonishing!!!!

Paul Burgess

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