i'm cross-posting this from the amerindconlang list,
as i'v recieved no replies - everybody's napping, it
would seem.

i'v got a question for all of yes. i'm working on an
/a posteriori/ language right now, (a start-stop
project, as is everything else in my life), and i
figured i should think about phonology before start
making vocabulary.

i'm basing the lexicon mostly on plains cree, and some
ojibwe roots. however, the vowel system (and
consonantal system, but that's a different matter) for
the 'output language' is rather different than
the cree original. the
syntax/morphophonemics/phonology/morphology is based
on a-priori construction, so it's, i suppose, a
lexically cree-substratum language. woo.


i want to go from a system of:

a: e: i: o:
a i o


a: i: u:
a i u @

-with a low vs. high tonal distinction, just to make
things interesting....

so, any ideas how i might derive such a thing from
existing Cree vocabulary? i realise not having my
wanted consonant inventory makes it a bit speculative,
but still... any input would be nice.




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