> Do you happen to know some sources about Proto-Slavic stress
> (preferably in the
> form of links, since a simple trip to the university library
> requires already
> an incredible planning effort)? I'm going to need it badly
> for Vozgian.

Well, there's not much in the line on the net. A short google search
yielded a paper at

Which has several paragraphs devoted to it, and several references, the
reliability of which I can't vouch for.

But actually the classical sources we use here are

Dybo, V. A. Slavjanskaja akcentologija: opyt rekonstrukciji sistemy
akcentnyx paradigm v praslavjanskom. Moscow: Nauka, 1981
V. A. Dybo, G. I. Zamjatina, S. L. Nikolaev. Osnovy slavjanskoj
akcentologii. Moscow: Nauka, 1990
A. A. Zaliznjak. Ot praslavjanskoj akcentuacii k russkoj, the exact
reference to which I do not have at hand...

Sorry, that's all I can locate :-(

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