Peter Clark wrote:

> On Wednesday 05 March 2003 02:03 pm, Tristan wrote:
> > Don't forget Melbourne FL! Are there any Stockholms in the US?
>         Five of them, actually: Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, South
Dakota, and
> Wisconsin. I vote for Stockholm, MN, because it's close to where I live
> (well, a lot closer than the Swedish one)

Canton, S.Dak. is much more exotic. Viborg too.
>         While we're at it, there's also Moscow (Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas,

(snip nice list)
I was going to suggest that Jan van S. would surely enjoy a trip to
Warsaw...Indiana NOT!  It's about 2 hours south of me, a couple miles off
the highway via gravel road. Nearby are Mexico, and La Paz (practice your
Aymara). Also nearby is Peru, which I knew was the home of someone
famous--googled....  James Dean? no.  Glenn Miller? no.
Cole Porter, of all people.

For our FICPC I'd certainly go for the Canadian cities Delirious mentioned--
but only in Summer, please.:-)