I like translating Quote of the Day emails, myself.  That started as a way
to practice my Russian... scriptures-of-the-day are a good way to get poetic
words (and archaic ones).  They come in most flavors now (I know of ones for
both books of the Bible, the Koran, and the Book of Mormon), and they make
it fun.

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen
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"I will not turn into a snake. It never helps." -- Rules for the Evil

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> Many reccomend you build your conlang's vocabulary a bit at a
> time. Well, I've found one easy way to do this:
> Word of the Day mailing lists.
> Every day, a selection of words appearn right in my inbox. More
> importantly, their MEANINGS appear.
> I scan that day's crop. Sometimes, I decide that certain concepts
> don't exist in a language and make note of such. Sometimes it gives me
> a new meaning to add to an existing word. And sometimes, it inspires a
> GROUP of words centered on the same concept.
> This resource has helped me infinitely, and seems to help my
> naturalistic conlangs develope an organic feel.
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