Katav Wesley Parish:

> "mystery behind seven seals"?  Wait till you meet up with the "mystery
> seven sea-lions"!  Or worse still, the "mystery behind seven walruses"!!!
> (IMVHO, the various interpretations of a certain part of the Christian
> namely the Apocalypse/Revelations, would be etc.

Hehe. The expression "a mystery behind seven seals" is a plain Russian
proverb, used in many secular contexts, meaning just "a deep mystery". I
would have never connected this phrase to the Chr. Bible unless you have
pointed that to me!!! True, the Russian language is full of such phrases,
usually slightly archaic in their style being quoted from the Old Church
Slavonic Bible...

And, Wesley, please don't offend / hurt the feeling of those people in the
List who are devoted Christians. I know there are some. [The same concerns
the devoted ones of any religion: Jews, Moslems, Tribal Dancers,
Wiggaboompalars whatsoever...]

Yitzik, a devoted one of Hashem, G-d of Israel