H. S. Teoh scripsit:

> Hold on a sec here... I thought the original discussion was about teaching
> in schools (which I'm assuming to mean schools for minors). If you're
> talking about educating adults, that's a totally different barrel o' fish.

In fact, I think not.  The same basic methods that work with adults are
also applicable to children, although you can give them a dose of rote
memorization as well to help them past the maggelity of English spelling
(whereas one may have to accept that adult learners will never get that
100% correct or even 90% correct).

"The fact that the only people who get special education are those who
can't learn at all by factory methods is a matter of cost, and should
not obscure the fact that everyone would learn much better if taught by
special education."
        --I forget who, possibly Debbie Meier

Learning writing top-down, content before form, is a very powerful
technique with all human beings.

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