--- Roger Mills skrzypszy:

> >         The Hall of Shame:
> > Jan van Steenbergen: B, D
> > Tristan: "Everything but D"
> > Roger Mill: "All of the above, dammit, and in about that order."
> > Keith Gaughan: B, C, E, F
> > Steg Belsky: A, E, F
> >
> Hmph.  I find that quite an elite and thoughtful group ;-))))

Seconded! ;)

On a sidenote: I agree with Peter that there is something odd about the fact
that word building seems to enjoy so little popularity among conlangers.
But on the other hand, I admit that an ardent a posteriori conlanger like yours
truly is in a slightly more comfortable position than those who have to make up
everything from scratch. As a matter of fact, the hunt for PIE or Common Slavic
roots takes more effort than the (sometimes rather automatic) process of
converting them into words...


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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