Daniel Andreasson wrote:
> Andreas Johansson wrote:
Actually, that was me (Daniel) and not Andreas who wrote that.

Förlåt mig.  I'm always doing that!  Need to get a decent email text
editor :)

> As Swedish is only my L4, I'm thrown into confusion :)  I can just
> about cope with the idea of weakening what I would pronounce as a
> retroflex [d`] to [r] at the beginning of "det", but is the vowel in
> "hur" really [u] rather than [y]?
Uhm. D'oh? :) Of course I didn't mean [u]. I meant Swedish {u}
which is more like [}_+] (and "in-rounded").
And regarding the [r], you are right that [r] + [d] --> [d`],
but non-stressed pronouns, like _det_, get the [d] replaced with
a [4] [...] So in rapid speech you get [h}_+4e4@].

[}_+] ... that's 'slightly advanced from u-bar', isn't it?  Thank you
very much - I hope someday you may get to hear the improvement in my
Swedish accent you've just engendered!


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