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> Ok, another question, how about the glottal stop? /h|/?
> So, 'it's' would be /i-h|s/

Rather [Ih|s] AFAIK (do you really have IPA barred-i there?). But you point out
a small inconsistency I had here. Indeed, /h|/ is a perfectly valid way to
describe the glottal stop, but I usually thought I would take /?/ instead. But
doing as you do frees another non-letter character for diacritic use, and you
can always use the modularity of C-IPA to assign ? to the glottal stop if you
want and it doesn't create any ambiguity. As for what use ? could have as a
diacritic, there are quite a few possible :)) . But I had some concern that C-
IPA used the same diacritic for implosives and ejectives (the diacritic is /)
while IPA didn't. In this case ? would come in handy as the diacritic for
ejectives (the idea of "stop + glottal stop" is a nice mnemonic for those who
already know IPA) and / could be used only for implosives.

Thanks! You helped me get rid of a small inconsistency here :) .


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