I have a soft spot for conlangs used by Martian concultures, especially
native Martian cultures in the Burroughs/Wells/Bradbury tradition,
although I am also interested in conlangs for future Martian colonies.

Is anyone currently working on something along those lines? If you do, I
would love to hear about it.

Now that I think about it I cannot recall a single Martian language that
really qualifies as a full-fledged conlang.

Hélène Smith's Martian is just French with a new dictionary.
(Incidentally, is that language described in any book or website?)

Burroughs' Barsoomian is little more than a naming language, with no
grammar whatsoever and barely even a working phonology.

I found an old CONLANG archive post that described a language called
Mârshen (by Herman Miller) but as far as I could tell that was more of a
variant way of spelling English.

Most other Martian "conlangs" do not go beyond a few words or phrases,
such as Heinlein's "grok" or the Martian sentences in The Day the Earth
Stood Still.

So, are there other ones, more detailed?