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>Sorry for being a tiny little bit late with my reply. Been busy-busy-busy.
>However, the thread may be aged, but hopefully not dead yet. So here we go:
>--- Herman Miller skrzypszy:
>> Well, I've decided to start learning this list's official language
>> :-), but I need to find a good dictionary.
>I feel honoured! I can't really help you with your quest for a Dutch
>dictionary, though; have you found something already?

For now the old "Teach Yourself" dictionary that I have (printed in 1982,
but the copyright date is 1958) seems to be mostly adequate, with the help
of "201 Dutch Verbs". I'm successfully using it to read through a Zelda:
Ocarina of Time walkthrough (which is cheating a little, since I'm playing
through the game currently, for about the third time, and I already know
pretty much what it's going to say, but I have to start somewhere :-) ).
Eventually I'm going to want one with the current spelling, but that
doesn't seem to be a problem yet.

>In the case of words ending with -r, -l, -n, or -m you may expect a plural
>ending -s when the last syllable of the word is unstressed. Otherwise -en would
>be default. Hence:
>WINnaar -> winnaars, but
>barBAAR -> barbaren.

Does that also apply to vowels? That would explain "schilderijen", which I
was wondering about (expecting it to be "schilderijs").

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