Mike Ellis wrote:

Quite the system! I've managed to discover the rules [...]

Well done!  Not only that, but you described them more clearly than I
would have :)  - that'll save me a post ...

>(And who can tell me what 1918 comes to in this system?  :)) )
I can't figure that one out. Or perhaps I can with more time, but I
really want to post this first!

That was a cheeky question really.  The answer on the card, so to
speak, is 'co ala ilu idua ilcúr', a contraction of 7.2.'ru'.17.4.

Things start getting a bit more complicated when you have to start
nesting phrases - compare 46 'ru allàli alá' (1+2x11)x2 with 47 'ru
ilu alláli' 1+2x(1+2x11).  [Oh, by the way, 'ilu' is the combining
form of 'ru'.]  That's where the diacritics start kicking in ... but
I'll try and put the full system up on the Web as soon as I can
(retrospective thanks are due once more to Christophe for providing
the space).  I'll be able to show the phonology as well to explain the
rather odd alternations :)


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