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> Andreas Johansson scripsit:
> > If nothing else, "Andreas's Law of Freaks" makes for a decent acronym;
> ALF. I
> > hope I'm not the only one to remember that TV show.
> Heard of it, never watched it.

You didn't miss much. ALF, in this context, is to be read out as Alien Life

> > It also proves the theories
> > of a (literally) otherworldy origin of human speech. Seeing that "alf"
> is a
> > Scandinavian version of the word "elf", it also proves that all human
> myths are
> > really garbled acccounts of visits of extraterrestrials.
> I think it rather more likely that accounts of visits of ETs are
> garbled
> myths.

If you feel like being serious, well I think it's perfectly clear that people
like von Daeniken are garbling myths in order to be able to present them as
"evidence" of ET visits. But it's just so much more fun fantasizing that Phaeton
was a Sirian who'd nicked his father's flying saucer than to conclude that von
Daeniken is a plain mundane idiot.