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> Here's a nice chart with the X-SAMBA equivalents to IPA sounds
> (thanks, Christophe):

You're welcome :) .

> monothongs
> phoneme                 transcribed as          earth example
> /&/                     a                       (a)mo (latin)
> (open front unrounded)                          (a)mi (french)

Other people have already replied to that, but I must insist again: Open front
unrounded is /a/, not /&/. And Latin and French a are most certainly /a/.

> /G/                     gh                      Not in
> (voiced velar                                   english. Someone give
> fricative)                                      me an example?

It's how 'g' is pronounced in Flemish and Southern Dutch (in Nothern Dutch it's
simply /x/).

> /T/                     fh                      (th)in (english)
> (voiceless dental                               *not (th)is!
> fricative)

I like the transliteration of this one :)) .

> diphtongs

Somebody already said that, but "diphtong" is used only with vowels. With
consonants, you just refer to "clusters".

> /dz/                    dg                      fu(dg)e (english)

I like this one too :)) .

This makes the whole phonology much easier to understand. Thanks!


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