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On Wed, 19 Mar 2003, Kupsala Risto wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, Paul O. BARTLETT wrote:
> >     I have a www page on IALs at
> > [...]

> Thank you. I believe that i have browsed most of the pages earlier.

    On the pages that I have links to, some new material shows up from
time to time, although the new material tends to be for non-IAL
conlangs.  But I do check them myself occasionally.  The material on
Sona appeared some time last year.

> In my opinion there are some good ideas in the logical languages. The
> problem seems to be that most loglangs are mere sketches and not complete
> languages.

    Without looking I am not certain whether Bob "lojbab" LeChevalier
is a member of this list, but I am aware that Lojban does a have
dedicated user base, even if it is not large, together with a published
reference book, so the language is real, even if not yet widely used.

>            In addition it seems like most of the projects that were linked
> via your page have been abandoned. Well, only the fit survive and that's
> why we have Esperanto and Interlingua but no Volapük nor Novial.

    Actually there is a mailing list dedicated to Volapük, although it
has not been active lately.  Even as far as "only the fit survive," I
do not agree that those which have survived which are somehow the
fittest (in some vague sense of being "optimal").  Off my own IAL web
page I have my essay on what I think are the factors why an IAL may or
may not succeed, and linguistic characteristics are only a part of the
story, and maybe not even the most important factor.

Paul Bartlett
bartlett at
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