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> >Shalom!
>     --- my favourite Cantonese greeting (other than the ultra-familiar "So
> you have not died yet?" - only used amongst dear friends &/or long-time
> enemies):

Hokkien: /lu a bueh si ko ah?/

This is rather rude, though.

>         _Sik joh faan mei aa?_ [" Have you eaten ? "]   :)

That is actually quite widespread (perhaps even universal?) among the
Sinitic languages. In Hokkien it's /lu1 jia5 pa2 beh5/. In Mandarin, /che1
pao3le mei2?/. In Malay slang[1 (non-Sinitic BTW): /lu sudah makankah?/

[1] Bahasa Pasar, "marketspeak".


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