From: "Tristan" <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Re: OT: baloney and cheese

> What's 'American cheese'? Those individually-wrapped squares of cheese
> that don't melt when you heat them and don't break when you roll it? Do
> people call that 'American cheese'? We call it square cheese or plastic
> cheese here.

That's the stuff, though I don't think I've ever bought any.  And more often
than not, it comes wrapped up as a block of cheese slices, not as
individually-wrapped pieces.  Though I have seen both.

> (On a cheese-related note, in Australia, Coon is a company that makes
> cheese. The vast majority of Australians, I would say, do not know what
> Coon means elsewhere. Apparently quite some time ago, Coon had an ad
> trying to convince people to say 'coon' instead of 'cheese' when people
> took your photo. So some Australians, having found their way into
> America, actually did this. Great embarrassment and/or confusion all
> Tristan.

Saying "coon" strikes me as funny, not embarrassing.  I mean, how serious
can you be if you're expected to name a dairy product, and name an animal
instead?  Or does "coon" actually mean a type of cheese in Australia, not
just the brand name?