It strikes me as funny that you say "what you can get away with without even
being sent to Magadan for 20 years."  Here we tend to say that same sort of
thing, but in a minimal way (as in, "without even a slap on the wrist").  20
years in any kind of prison is rather extreme...

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen
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"Being captured by the Evil Overlord is one way to learn his secret plans,
but are innumerable other ways that are better, and they will be tried
first." -- Rules for the Hero

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> For some reason, I've lately heard alot of comments of old
> communist leaders
> spinning in their graves, include about that they could supply Moscow's
> electrictiy grid by attaching a generator to Stalin, since he
> certainly must
> be spinning really quickly seeing what you get away with in Russia today
> without even being sent to Magadan for 20 years.
>                                                           andreas

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