Yeah, but I don't know ANY of them correctly.  I do pretty well in some
areas that have a lot of countries but I also know a lot about (Eastern
Europe for one).

I actually meant that the impression was on OUR culture (that is, the
impression the Swedes have left on our culture is that there are a lot of
tall blonde women there).

I have few problems with the countries in the middle of North America and
Australia, but don't ask me to identify states or provinces.  In fact, don't
ask me to identify states or provinces ANYwhere; I don't even have them down
for Lithuania (sort of my pet country), which has over 30 and is smaller
(the whole country is) than most US states.

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen
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> The middle of Africa? There's not alot of countries there. West
> Africa is alot
> worse.
> Nitpick: That's a racial, or whatever term you prefer, trait, not
> a cultural
> one.
> Incidentally, to me the land of blondes is Norway.
> Don't tell me you've got trouble locating the countries in in the
> centre of
> Norht America? Same for Australia ... :-)
>                                                                Andreas

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