Well, yeah.  Everyone thinks that Ireland is full of red-haired people, too,
which is annoying because most of my Irish line ancestors weren't red-haired
(and some of the Lithuanian and German line ones, were).  People have told
me I have "Eastern European" looking hair, which is also amusing because
they won't tell me what that means.  I think I mentioned elsewhere the
degree to which I think silly and essentially baseless stereotypes bite.

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen
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> Ok. I don't know the numbers, but while the proportion of blondes
> in Sweden
> probably is as high as in pretty much any other place, it's not
> very high in
> absolute numbers; way below 50%. (Partly dependent on your definition of
> "blonde" of course; a Turkish girl told me that _I_ was blond,
> which I'm not
> even near by Swedish standards.)
>                                                  Andreas

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