--- Isaac Penzev skrzypszy:

> A question for those who work upon a posteriori languages. Do you make
> ethymologies and proto-forms for your words public, or prefer to keep them
> in your private notes, demonstrating only the final product?

Ha Yitzik! A very nice question!

Well, for me it depends a bit on the language. As you already know, Wenedyk is
derived straightly from Latin, and as a result, it has no proto-forms of its
own. The lexicon is not online yet, but I am working on it. Right now, the
words are in Access file that basically contains the following columns: Wenedyk
word, Dutch translation, English translation (under construction), Latin
My plan for the final online version is that it will be Wenedyk-English and
English-Wenedyk only. I have never even considered the possibility of adding
the Latin words too, and I don't think I will. Firstly, because a number of
words have a Slavic (Polish) background or an etymology unknown to me.
Secondly, because it would be a hell of a lot more work (and honestly, I would
prefer to use the limited time that is given to me for something more
creative). I should add, however, that I have no intention to be secretive
about the sources of Wenedyk words; it is merely a practical matter.

As for Hattic, Askaic, and their baby sister Megza: they indeed have a
proto-language, Proto-Khadurian, but this one is strictly a tool for personal
use. It is an exclusive part of my conlang kitchen, and has no business playing
outside. Proto-Khadurian is, of course, the link between Hattic/Askaic and
Proto-Indo-European. It has an elaborated grammar and ca. 700 words or word
roots. But although it is not really a secret, this one is definitely not going
to make it to the net!

My first (North-Slavic) project consisted of three languages as well, plus a
not-very-well-developed proto-language. Like Proto-Khadurian, it was not a real
language but rather a tool to create others. Since I have decided to rebuild
Vozgian from the beginning and throw away Motyak and Slopik, this
proto-language has lost its function, too. "New" Vozgian will be more like
Wenedyk in this respect: the proto-language will be Common Slavic, and I don't
think the Slavic roots will ever make it into my online lexicon. But that's
mere speculation, since I am currently working on the phonology and there are
no words yet.


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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