I finally got a start on my Zelda walkthrough in Lindiga. I created a new
character (with a Lindiga name: Miezdiai) and started taking notes from the
beginning of the game. No doubt the notes (which are in English) will
contaminate the structure of the Lindiga text to some extent, but this is
pretty much unavoidable with a language in such an early state of

I'll be putting up a web page when I start getting something more
substantial, but here's a preliminary taste:

Nako va-Kokir´a

Nislo tlich eucha. Zevo vaarr teneka ngukidechi nakoa un tÚnimu Tlad
Rzingaza Nakoa. Min tÚrauga tÚdeki itÚtiaki kopoutle srengevi, zetlo laernu
iÚvu stae tÚmigu slis vizela rsuminu vestla.

["nAkO vAkO"kir`ijA]

["nislO "KiC "3}XA  "zEvO "va:r "tEn@kA %Nuki"DEXi "nAkO: un te"nimu "KAd
"z`iNAzA "nAkO:  mIn te"r`QuGA te"DEki ite"tSjAki kO"po:K@ "sr`EN@vi "zEKO
"lE:n`u "jevu stE: te"miGu "slis "viz@la "s`uminu "vEsKA]

nako   va- Kokiri-a
forest CLS-Kokiri-GEN
Kokiri Forest

nisl-o   tlich-ě   euch-a
exit-IMP house-ABS you -GEN
Leave your house.

zev     -o   vaarr-ě   tenek -a   nguki-dech -i   nako  -a
traverse-IMP slope-ABS corner-GEN west -south-GEN forest-GEN
Go up the slope in the southwestern corner of the forest

 un          tÚ-nim  -u  tlad-ě   rzing-az -a   nako  -a 2s-reach-PF hub -ABS teach-ing-GEN forest-GEN
 to reach the Forest Training Center.

min   tÚ-raug     -a   tÚ-dek  -i  i- tÚ-tiak-i  kop -outl-e   sreng-evi,
while 2s-avoid-SJ 3s-2s-hit -SJ rock-AUG -ERG roll -ing
Taking care to avoid being hit by the rolling boulder,

 zetl-o   laern-u   iÚv -u   stae  tÚ-mig-u  slis -ě   vizel   -a
 walk-IMP area -LOC this-LOC until 2s-see-PF chest-ABS treasure-GEN
 walk around this area until you see a treasure chest

  rsumin -u   vestl-a
  passage-LOC side -GEN
  in a side passage.

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