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> Are there any natlangs that have a verb and noun combined into one
> word?

In what sense?

> I'm not talking about the agglutinative languages (which absolutely
> terrify
> me).

What's terrifying about them? They are not that different from isolating
languages which you would write without spaces ;))) . Synthetic languages, now
that's scary :))) .

 My brain isn't functioning (I just went on a day trip from
> south-of-
> Cleveland to Chicago), so I can't remember the word I wanted to use, but
> an
> example is: I'd like my newest language to have words that function as
> both
> verbs and nouns at the same time.

Two words: infinitives and gerunds. Or is what you mean different?

 Hey, Meisteik has a particle that
> fills
> in when the verb or noun is already known, implied, not important,
> sounds
> wrong; or is occasionally used as a form of "to be" (Meisteik has
> absolutely no other way to express it); why not a conlang with
> verb-noun
> hybrid?

My Chasmäöcho has a "pro-stem" which can replace any stem, whether verbal or
nominal. It's quite what you mean, except that it doesn't work as a "to be".

> If this is hard to understand or just plain idiotic, sorry. As I said,
> we
> went to Chicago today, and I think my brain got scrambled from riding
> in
> the car for twelve hours. With my dad driving. *shudders*

I think you should first put back your brains together and try to explain
again :)) . Words that behave at the same time like verbs and nouns look
suspiciously like infinitives, but you may have something else in mind.


It takes a straight mind to create a twisted conlang.