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> You may find the source here:
> Sanity warning, though: when I said I went overboard with it, I really
> mean, *overboard*. Don't faint when you see the source. :-P

LOL. Indeed, there's quite some hacking in there ;))) .

> As for the ogonek placement problem under the v, I don't know how
> ogoneks
> are supposed to be written; I was just using TIPA's ogonek macro.

Normally ogoneks are written at the bottom right hand corner of a letter. So
the position is correct. It's just that this particular letter is not fit to
receive an ogonek at all. LaTeX can do many things, but it cannot correct style

> could, of course, create a macro that introduces whatever spacing
> adjustment one might want to it so that it appears in the "right
> place".
> My first impression, though, is that the current position of the ogonek
> is
> deliberate, to distinguish it from the cedilla which does join the
> character at the center of its base.

Indeed. LaTeX can do whatever you want, but it doesn't mean that whatever you
want is sound to do ;)) .


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